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    "La Brezza" Agriturismus Center is 10 minutes far from the beach and very near to many amusements. For declivirty and planey sports there is the possibility to throw into the park near the center. It is also possible to follow many touri routes: - Archeological area of Paestum, very famous all over the world (8 minutes by car).; - Many agricultural factories where it is possible to see the preparation of mozzarella ant to taste the natural products of Paestum and Cilento (10 min. by car); - The natural oasis in Persano (oasi WWF) (15 min. by car); - The social center "Val Calore" where it is possible to see the preparation of wine and olive oil. You can taste them! (25 min. by car); - The famous Castelcivita caves (25 min. by car); - The passages of Calore River in Felitto and Magliano (oasis WWF - 25 min. by car); - The archeological areas of Velia, Palinuro and Camerota (30 min. by car); - It is possible to do tourist flies with a ten places plane; - The Amalfi coast, with its villages on the sea: Positano also famous for the traditional fashion; the old Republic of Amalfi and the famous cathedral. Here you can taste the famous "limoncello" (limon liqueur) - Ravello with its wonderful old and historical houses, "Villa Ruffolo" and "Villa Cimbrone" and the cathedral (45 min. by car); - The archaeological area of Pompei: the most famous archeological site in the world (45 min. by car); - Pertosa caves, one of the largest of Italy (45 min. by car); - The Padula chartreuse (carthusian monastery) it is a splendid example of XVII architecture (50 min. by car); - The Vesuvio volcan, and Napoli (60 min. in auto); - The Caserta Royal Palace (60 min. by car);



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